Your safety and comfort is our commitment

We are committed to ensure the repair of all the vehicles we offers: buses, mini buses, vans, ets

We are committed to holding all necessary approvals from the Ministry of Transport, depending on the transportation services we provide.

We are committed to employee skilled, experienced and careful drivers. Whether it's for buses, mini buses or other transportation vehicles.

We are committed to providing customers worldwide with a unique transportation services in Israel for most production companies in the world, foreign embassies, and business people visiting Israel, multinational companies, families, visitors, and international conferences. INTL is equipped with all the necessary licenses and insurance policies from the Ministry of Transportation for providing luxury transportation services and quality to its customers.

We are committed to care for all ground arrangements for our customers including, welcoming customer’s at airports and sea border crossings, accommodation arrangements, hotels, conference facilities, business accessories, office services, and all it takes to complete a comfortable high quality success upon your arrival to Israel.

We are committed to service our clients' with "unique service" in personal security, delegations, and even families by Israeli hospitality design unique security escort and according to strict protocols personal security and delegations of the entire world. This unique service is another important chapter in the project of INTL satisfy customer needs while visiting Israel.

We are committed to provide our clients full guidance with personal instructions and navigational aids in the State of Israel, tourist sites and shopping sites. With this tourist sites and attractions this shopping, or any other requirement requested by customers

We are committed to support the customer in everything to do with the business journey, contact with the branches of big banks, government offices, determination and coordination of meetings, and all who have in the field.

We are committed INTL vehicles are equipped GPS systems.

We are committed to fair service costs; to achieve low prices for external services in Israel, all of this to insure our customers will be comfortable, safe and most important enjoy.